What is CIC?

The College for International Citizenship (CIC) is a unique collaboration between the College of International Citizenship, Birmingham City Council, the University of Birmingham, Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College and Aston University, bringing together a course of study in Citizenship for local, national and international students.

What do students gain at the CIC?

The CIC gives students a sound academic background and knowledge based on current research about issues related to international citizenship, peace and justice and international trade. Students leave the CIC having gained a clearer understanding of the international issues that affect global society.

How is this taught?

Delivery of the core curriculum by our experienced internationally renowned staff is based on interactive discussion and group activities, with students fundamentally involved in the academic process.

Are there other opportunities outside of the taught course?

As well as the core course students will have the opportunity to interact with a number of Birmingham organisations and businesses.

What do students take away?

A unique international learning experience and a sound understanding of global issues as they relate to citizenship, students will also make an international network of contacts and friends that last for beyond the course.



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