Welcome to the College for International Citizenship

At the CIC our students are our first and foremost concern. That is why we want to make every effort to ensure that in studying with us, you are making the right choice for yourself and your community.

We are determined that this leading international programme in global citizenship should meet your own needs and aspirations in ways which are fully relevant and applicable to the environment and location in which you contribute as an international citizen. To achieve this, the CIC team, based here at Joseph Chamberlain College in Birmingham, England, will be pleased to discuss with you any matters relating to the programme, including course requirements, accreditation, accommodation, finance and the student support services available to you. We believe that by providing you with the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills, our programme will help you shape and improve the global, social and political culture and be more effective in influencing the people with whom you live and work.

Therefore, on behalf of all the staff at the CIC, I look forward to receiving your application and to working with you in extending the best in existing traditions of citizenship and in finding new ways of promoting positive actions across the interdependent communities we represent.

Elly Tobin


Busted: The Top 10 Myths of Studying Abroad

Busted: The Top 10 Myths of Studying Abroad

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